Top Ten Reasons This is So Woefully Behind:

10. Yes this is the only content on the site, stop clicking around everywhere.

9. There's a good chance you've come here to confirm some preconceived notion you might have about me. Let's cut the crap and play the odds: you're probably right.

8. Because there are people on the internet who are wrong, and they must be informed of such.

7. Games. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

6. Where else am I going to keep up with my development skills? ... Ooooohhhh, right.

5. Social media "experts" say that I need to google better, oh boy, I am so motivated to fix that.

4. Everyone knew in 1998 that owning your own .com was the key to personal success.

3. The island wanted it this way.

2. Man has yet to develop a cure for our greatest time-thief: sleep.

1. I will get around to updating this just as soon as I've finished my last item on the back burner.